It all started with a relief pitcher and his family looking to bring some hope back to his hometown.

Today, High Socks has helped thousands make their way back home.

I feel grateful for every donation we receive, and the smiles and the tears from the people we help. We’re given so much as baseball players. It’s only fair that we give back.
— David Robertson

Our favorite days are Delivery Days!

Children jumping on their new beds.

Parents with places to sit and eat.

Veterans able to relax comfortably on new recliners.

Families with new belongings to replace ones lost or damaged.

Your donations make this all worthwhile, offering much needed relief and bringing families back to a safe and furnished home.


The relief and hope offered by High Socks is possible through the invaluable selflessless of your many donations and volunteer hands.

Thank you for making it possible to get thousands of families and veterans back home safely.