Bringing People

Hope & Home 


Rebuild. Recover. Relief.

High Socks for Hope is 5013c non-profit started by MLB relief pitcher David Robertson and his wife Erin, that strives to create long-term relief for natural disaster victims and homeless veterans. Our ultimate goal is to bring people home by providing them with the necessary tools to reestablish their lives.


High Socks for Hope places focus on providing long-term relief to disaster survivors and homeless, disabled or destitute veterans.


High Socks provides basic household furnishings to help make their house a home.


Our co-founder David Robertson tucks in his high socks during games for good luck. David and his wife and co-founder Erin actively fundraise for the organization, participate in all business decisions and serve on the board of directors. David pledges yearly $100 for every strikeout, and $200 for every recorded save.



Disaster Relief

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