When tragedy strikes it's hard to imagine that life will be good again. High Socks For Hope helps people get back to the life they once knew.

With loving hands, we improve the lives of disaster victims by replacing the items that made their house a home, safely bringing these communities back home and sparking hope back into their lives.



After the initial shock and media subsides is usually when it’s hardest for disaster survivors. The grim logistics and realities of rebuilding lives and homes can be insurmountable for many who have lost everything.

High Socks is dedicated to shoulder some of the burden to provide aid and relief for long-term recovery.

Donations to High Socks for Hope goes directly to delivering and supplying survivors with the necessary supplies needed to recover.




Your donation is used to furnish new homes and provide basic household items including:

  • Beds

  • Bedding

  • Basic kitchen box

  • Bathroom box

  • Food box

  • When funds are available, we furnish the entire home including sofa, loveseat, end tables, coffee table, lamps, bedroom suite, dining set and accessories.


The shattering tornadoes that plowed through Alabama, killed at least 23 people and left a path of destruction. - World News Tonight, ABC News.

I have been fortunate enough to be given a stage as a Major League Baseball player to help raise awareness for the victims of these disasters. My wife and I created High Socks for Hope to lend support to those suffering in the wake of natural disasters, especially after the immediate attention subsides. 
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David Robertson
Executive Director, Co-founder